HER LAND —————–

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Coming to New Mexico in 1950 I heard about Spanish Land Grants, INDIAN reservations, Blm lands and ranch lands. “What was left?” A shot gun was pointed at me on land grants, I was told to leave INDIAN lands and ranch lands had fences and gates everywhere. I needed to make some friends on these lands. Juliette Jojola, a mixture of Spanish and Indian seemed to be the answer. She was immediately suspicious of my motives and hardly talked to me. I met her at an art show where she was interested in my watercolors of the old Spanish Adobe churches and the Indian Jemez red rock area. The relationship went no where until she needed some help from Anglo land. It was complicated and dangerous; so I wasn’t sure of helping her. She took my hesitance as a sign she needed to be friendlier. She invited me on a hike, where I had been before, across from the redrock lands to the pale cliffs. We started out under the shade of cottonwood trees and slowly she warmed up. We spent the first hour defining terms used in Indian and white societies before we could actually relate to each other. Then religion came up, a real mixture of Indian and catholic. I was simply about creative spiritual, which took some explaining. By the time we reached the bottom of the pale cliffs, she was smiling and we had lunch from our backpacks.

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