MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Do you tell children the Las Trampas Church is just an historical site? Do you just focus on the artwork, sculpture and paintings, as an example of a particular period style? Do you tell children about the adobe construction? Do you tell children about the religion of northern New Mexico? Do you tell them about the spiritual forces that led the people to build the Church? Do you relate the existence of God with the Church? Or is it simply a place to stretch your legs while traveling and have a snack.

I was told about the penitent religion of the area and saw their paintings and sculpture as a child, it affects me to the present. I was impressed by how intently the people believed in God. Later I majored in architecture and became interested in these old adobe mission churches, which I painted hundreds of watercolors for art shows. I then studied the history of New Mexico, which gave me insights into the construction and artwork. I now take the “the high road to Taos,” which includes many mission churches and alway stop at Las Trampas to ponder the religion, history, artwork and to stretch my legs and have a snack.

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