MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Whether we worship God in God’s Creation or mankind’s creation, the church is the Body of Christ, and it is just as easy to get distracted in both. The physicality of created things lures us into valuing more the created things than the Creator. The Protestants thought if they removed carved saints and paintings from the Chirch it would focus everyone’s attention more on God, but the members simply transferred their attention onto clothes, homes, cars and other created things. It is much better to have religious or spiritual objects, which at least point towards the spiritual. If the Catholic Church went “first” to CHRIST, the Father God and the Holy Spirit For forgiveness and guidence and if the Pope was just called the spiritual leader CEO OF THE Church, I could be a Catholic because I love the Churches, carved saints and paintings. The Catholic churches, especially the old adobe Churches remind me the most of the outdoor creation by God.image

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