BACK ON THE TRAIL- real life situations


BACK ON THE TRAIL-real life situations ————

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

I’m trying to recover from a serious illness. This week I was experiencing the results of feeling better, the return of the desire to exercise and sexuality, after two years, are they connected? My age won’t affect my exercise that much, but will greatly affect my sexuality. My wife has her own serious illness and isn’t even living with me; so I’m left with a sexual desire, but no where to go. I do have a lot of memories, but that was then and now is now. I had my prostate removed which left me impotent; so even more options are removed. All I have left is my visual appreciation of the female form, fantasies and the possibility of a surprise, where a beautiful woman will first be an art model and then let me caress her, a typical artist/model relationship throughout history. Otherwise, the sexual urge becomes unsatisfied and takes different forms. Any way, I’m back on the trail.

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