MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Living between the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande River is inspireing, especially when the cottonwood trees turn yellow in the fall. As an artist, there was always beauty everywhere to draw and paint. There were always places and paths to share with someone special. The west face of the mountain has numerous canyons to explore. The crest hike is twenty two miles from one end the other. From a distance the montain doesn’t look that interesting, but includes streams, waterfalls and great rock climbing. You can feel the wildness of the deep woods experience and you can be sure there are animal eyes watching you. The moon coming over the crest of the mountains creates an unusually eerie mood with the shadows and rock silouettes. As a kid I was never lost in town, I always went towards the mountains. The snow covered mountains, the sunset on the mountains and the history of the mountains is spectacular. The ancient mountains were completely eroded away smooth and many layers of limestone from shalow lakes were deposited. Then the granite roots of the mountain began rising along a fault line while the valley sank. Twenty thousand feet separate the limestone at the top of the Sandias and the corresponding layer ten thousand feet below Albuquerque, which creates the bottom of the Albuquerque aquifer, about sixty miles long. The picture doesn’t tell the story but reveals a sampling of the beauty.

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