MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

In my recent two and a half week stay in the hospital I had two visions, both on the first day. The first of a very serious nature found me laying on the floor next to a highly polished pine door. I could only see the bottom portion of the door and illuminated across the bottom were the words, God is with you. Everytime I felt anxious, which was frequently, I remembered those words on the door. The door was open only about an inch; so I realized it could close at any time on me, but I was ready to be with God, if that was his decision.

The other vision was also serious, but humorous. An Indian spirit came to me and first said that the hospital and cancer center were both on ancient sacred lands. Then he said the spirits would keep me breathing in exchange for certain things. First, they would take my hair, as in the old western days, second, he would deflate my butt and third, he would make it difficult for me to walk straight. I took the deal.

While I was lying in the bed for so many days, I remembered things from my normal life. If the doctors came suddenly into my room they would catch me doing things they thought might need some research; so they would send a psychiatrist in to talk to me. He had a take charge attitude and a bag of mental puzzles for me to solve. Well, I didn’t learn to keep my thoughts private until the fourth visit of the psychiatrist and his latest mind benders. Each time he left saying, “you’re o.k., get well.”

The eye doctor had a ready made laugh for his exam. Everyone it seems asked the same question, will those bright lights hurt your eyes? His quick answer was, No, they’re not hurting my eyes at all.

The nurses were so attractive and beautiful I was too embarrassed to let them give me a standing naked sponge bath. Finally, one night, late, while my room was mainly dark I agreed. It was everything I thought it would be.

End of part one.

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