MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

The first picture is of the north side of North Peak, Sandia Mountains. We ran down through the aspens, second picture, to the high trail leading to the position of the first picture. Yellow leaves were falling on a ground that was already covered with yellow. Half way down the run, after my wife went by, a woman comes out from under the thick leaves. We could have stepped on her. She said, “I guess we were meant to meet.” Maybe so, I thought. The chances of her laying in the leaves in a spot where we would be coming down on North Peak was unbelievable. We talked and talked as more yellow leaves fell. Some people ask how I meet the women hikers I do, well most were from art shows, but one was just laying in the leaves and I almost stepped on her. We all hiked down to the main trail and over to the lookout point. It was in the bright warm fall sunshine; so we all took off coats, scarfs, hats and gloves, leaving lighter clothing like t-shirts and shorts. This woman’s name was Helen and when she took off her warm coat, the cooler air stiffened her nipples immediately under her thin shirt. She said, “oh my t-shirt is damp from sweating and now the cold air,” but she didn’t try to hide her erections. There was a bench for the two women; so I stood enjoying the various views. We had women friends before, but never a hiker; so we interrogated each other as to where we had been and what we would like to see. Helen was sensitive as she watched how my wife and I related to each other and must have decided she could fit in. My wife was tactile-defensive and didn’t care for much physical contact. Helen told me to sit on the bench and she would give me a back rub. My wife did like that idea and so Helen rubed both of our backs and became one of my wife’s best friends after a year or so. Helen obviously wanted more. When my wife went on a work trip Helen came in the front door and kissed me passionately. I wasn’t ready for such intrusion into our marriage and told my wife when she returned what had happened, but my wife didn’t seem to care. I had to probe into my wife’s apathy. Bottom line, she wanted another female in our lives. That was my first clue that my wife was into women, more than men. Helen was basically more into me than my wife; so things took their natural course. We went camping for three nights in the same tent in northern New Mexico. My wife seemed happy to watch Helen and me, thinking there would be a back rub afterwards by a woman. You never know about the various twists and turns in life. Helen had a lady friend herself from a previous encounter and tried to include her in our relationship, but that was too much for me and Helen then moved on. I then spent years trying to analyze my wife and her personality contours.

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