MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Marquez said she momentarily saw some type of currents around the church. I wasn’t interested at the time she expressed those thoughts because I was more interested in her. We were in her studio looking out at her little town. She was wearing a shirt tied together underneath her tits, which allowed her tits to hang sensuously. I put my hands on her bare waist and caressed her abdomen, rubbing lightly over her belly-button, which she told was one of her sensitive areas. As we watched tourists walk up to the cross in the church courtyard across the dirt street, she responded to my touches and unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She took my right hand and put it inside her panties. I slid it down slowly between her legs and held her warm mound and slit. At the same time a woman slid her hand down the white painted cross at the church. I pushed my middle finger into her as the woman pushed her index finger into one of the empty nail holes on the cross. Marquez, with her right hand pushed her panties down to her knees and then bent over leaning on the window sill in front of her. It was more erotic though to just anticipate penetration than actually doing it. She began to moan with desire. The woman across the street was feeling similar stirrings and took her dress off in the empty church courtyard. She then hugged the cross of sacrifice naked. For some reason the church woman turned and looked at Marques and me at the window, first shocked, but then at peace with being seen and lowered herself to the base of the cross. Marques began breathing heavy as she watched the woman. They both were having an orgasm. I continued caressing Marquez as she pushed back and forth agaist the crotch of my jeans, hoping I would unzip my pants and penetrate her, but I didn’t, it was more powerful and longer lasting if I didn’t. The cross woman raised her arms up along the cross caressing the old wood, as if hoping to get some satisfaction from it. Then she stood next to the cross in the crucified position naked and started praying loudly, which we heard, asking God to use her life for his purposes. Marques then said out loud, “God, please use me too for your purposes, I sacrifice myself for you.

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