MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

During the week I stayed with Marquez, I noticed how our relationship changed. At first to see her in a tight t-shirt was exciting. To see her abdomen and sensuous long legs was stimulating. Then to watch her strip naked to pose for a drawing was the ultimate. I began studying the shape of her breasts, her nipples and how her tits hung on her chest. Her abdomen was slender and the transition between her ribs and softness of her belly was erotically aesthetic. Of course, her shaved slit, expressed complete nakedness. We enjoyed our bodies without clothes, but as the week progressed we became accustomed to each other. I still thought she was attractive, but tits were tits, butts were butts and it all seemed so usual. Then we went into the Church and sat down in one of the old weathered pews. She moved forward and knelt on the kneeling board and prayed with a light white cotton scarf on her head. The light from the stained glass window above us reflected many subtle colors on the cotton. Suddenly I could see her purity as a soul created by God. Her body was once again beautiful and special. I touched her shoulder and she looked at me with eyes of love and sacredness. We left with a new awareness and appreciation of God’s Creations, which we were. After that experience her breasts, abdomen, buttocks and legs seemed to glisten with God’s creative energy. I would touch her nipples and they would become erect with new found excitement as my penis became erect with her touch.

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