MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

The middle upper window revealed the ghostly shape of head and arms. Her relative had lived in this old western town, which now was coming apart in her momories. She felt this meant she was meant to move on with her life. The past fades because there is something better on the horizon, like the next scene in a movie. She was an artist, which meat the future could be partially affected by her thoughts and actions, if she participated. What did she think was important? The basic creative source behind everything needed to be revealed. The sharing of body, mind and soul with others was essential to find the future fulfillment. At this point it was nebulous, uncertain and vague as to what she should do. The world didn’t like change, God or the spiritual, yet that was the future. Looking at me she said, “paint a picture of the kingdom of Heaven within me, including the meaning of my breasts, heart, stomach and the areas between my legs.” As we gazed into each other’s eyes she pulled her shirt off over her head exposing her breasts. “Are these more than sex and nurturance? Are these spiritual art,” she asked.

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