THE BULGE —————–

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
Creation changes in many different ways. Visually, it appears to be a bulge but it also can be mathematically measured. God has revealed to me the visual expression mainly, but has also given me an indication of the numbers involved. Numbers seem cold to me; so I’m glad there is an aesthetics. The universe appears to change slowly, especially at great distances. The coming of a new age is already happening as we feel and see the outer edge of the bulge. Frequently people are the same way. They feel a change in their thoughts and feelings, but other people may not be aware of the differences until the bulge immerses them. One person talking to another may ask, “how long have you been feeling this way?” The other one says, “a long time, you just haven’t been sensitive.” Sensitivity to the changing of eras or ages is important. We are now seeing evil bulging over us, but the insensitive are not aware of it. There is an escape, a relationship with your Creator, but many will wait to long and be absorbed into the darkness. Of course, behind the bulge of evil is the bulge of righteousness when CHRIST will rule the earth.


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