MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
She enjoyed the mystery of darkness and roamed within the dark of night. She could walk down the side of the villages dirt roads at midnight naked and hide if needed. The foothills and mountains that began at the edge of town were darkly silouetted against the star filled sky. Dogs or wolves howled in the distance, but after about an hour she felt the emptiness of being alone, of being trapped within her own fears and obsessions…. and would gasp upward for light and goodness. She painted a picture the next day of the darkness where she was the night before and all the swirling levels of mysterious intrigue within the dark, but when she felt fearful, there was the light, the Church and the Cross to save her unto a new day. She repented and wanted to sacrifice her mind, heart and body on the cross, to do good. Then the sun set in the west and it became dark again and she was tempted….

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