MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
God began my journey, as a child of eleven, from within an abusive family, from within the fine arts and from within the beautiful stae of New Mexico. I wandered the mesas and arroyos alone, but it was from within a large art exhibit, the New Mexico arts and crafts fair, here in Albuquerque that God opened my mind and heart to a comprehensive understanding of life. I had been searching for answers about why I was being treated so badly by my family, but wanted a greater explanation of life. God gave me, the complete concept of creativity. Preachers don’t talk about creativity very often, which surprised me, because God is “The Creator” and as such works with creativity. God’s creativity should be the first topic within the explanation of God. I searched the arroyos, the largest in this area bring the Grand Canyon,for the source of life. I found sharfs of pottery from the ancient peoples on similar quests, but the most basic answer was within creativity, which explains, everything begins with a Creator. And so I begin “my ministry” by explaining creativity. The sequence within creativity and life is: Creator– process–creation. The shards of pottery began with a creator/artist who went through a process resulting in the pottery/creation.

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