MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
The young pueblo indian woman walked into the courtyard of the church, stood next to the cross, which filled her with joy and terror at the same time when she realized the cross was about sacrifice. She quickly turned her head in concern to see if anyone was watching her. She had an immediate vision, where she was on the cross, naked, for all to see her sacrifice. Darkness was approaching with the intent to smother all goodness. She had one last moment to decide whether to be sacrificed with CHRIST on the cross or run away and be absorbed into the worldly darkness. She looked once more at the darkness, trying to see some sort of light, but there wasn’t any; so she bowed her head in prayer and accepted the cross, taking her clothes off to be humiliated and critized for her choice. She felt the cold dark winds approach, chilling her naked body, but then she began to feel the inner light of God filling her with joy and salvation unto eternal life.

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