MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
I hadn’t seen Lisa in over thirty years when I came across her on this mornings hike in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. I say “good morning” to every one I pass going the opposite direction, and as I was saying that to this woman about my own age, we recognized each other. We immediately hugged and she cried while laughing. “Jim, Jim, Jim,” she said, I”m so happy we crossed paths, I found God, I found God, he was right here deep between my breasts, as she placed her hands on her chest. Lisa lit up and “exploded with joy” being able to tell me her story. She had always been skeptical, an atheist and harbored a lot of anger towards Christians, but now, she was bursting out all over with happiness. We stood in the middle of the trail as other people walked around us and stared, almost afraid to get too close. I told her about some of my latest experiences where I found myself doing things I wouldn’t have done a few years ago, like praying out loud in front of other people, talking about creativity and God, and suddenly sounding like an evangelistic preacher, God just squirting and spurting out foward and sideways. We were both joyous, we prayed and laughed and hugged. After we exuded for awhile, we quietly went to a nearby bench and sat with each other for about an hour talking. Lisa had come a long ways from her hatred of God, the Church and all Christians. She found God because he is real and kept knocking on the door of her heart until she opened that door because of the deep loneliness, despair, emptiness and frustration she felt. He held out his arms, according to her story, and she fell into them, repentant asking for forgiveness. She immediately felt inner joy and peace. “Nothing” in the world had made her feel that good. She wandered a few times away from God, thinking she could make it on her own now, but the further she was away from God, the more her old depression deepened, until she was convinced her joy was from God, only God. She never strayed away again and her joy became so great she exploded God’s message to everyone she met. I understood. After God saved my life, I became a new creature, being made in his “creative” image.

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