MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
Lisa and I talked on a bench for an hour next to the hiking trail. When she first found God she was afraid of doing anything that might be a sin, but then realized she was negating her life. She prayed and understood that God created everyone differently and those differences required each person to accept their uniqueness and find a path of life, with God’s help. She saw women and men who seemed undesirable to the opposite sex; so they found relationships with the same sex. And in her case, she had been raised within a sexually and emotionally abusive family, which made it extremely difficult to find a normal relationship with anyone.
She found other people with similar histories to combine with, which included repeating abusive behavior to satisfy each other’s sexual and emotional needs and desires, which was the reason she and I related to each other. We both found God , even though we seemed to twist the churches teachings. God gave us the Bible as a guide book, but sin entered the world and love became twisted also; so only through a relationship with God can we find a life path that is normal and healthy for individually unique people. Everyone can find a fulfilling life, with God, even if they are over weight or too skinny, attractive or not, a small penis or large, wealthy or poor, intelligent or not very, silly or serious, male or female. Everyone wants to fulfill all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the physical and sexual. Lisa then said, “in reality,” how do we do this, actually incorporate and accept our differences? We both knew each other’s abusive sexual and emotional history; so we began to express different scenarios which would satisfy each of us. Many were unacceptable to the other, but a few were possible. Then we organized the details. This required a true love for each other although their were elements of simple lust. Then we prayed for God’s will in our plans. We both felt God’s acceptance; so we began making arrangements, times, dates and for possible changes.

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