MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
What aisles do you walk down within the waves of your life? Most people walk down aisles at sports arenas and stores, but the most important one is the Church aisle. The old adobe New Mexico Catholic Churches depicts the experience with the greatest enrichment. The stages of life are measured by the series of vigas of the ceiling and the pictures along the nave walls, the stations of the Cross. Walking down the aisle, whether literally or figuratively, is important because it reveals our intentions and purposes in life. CHRIST said “if you are not willing to acknowledge me publically, then I will not acknowledge you.” So many people think they live good lives, but do not acknowledge CHRIST or the Father publically; so why should he think of them for eternal heavenly relationship? It can be a difficult decision from stepping out into the public aisle and walking to God or it can be a joyous decision, depending on your insight and purposes within life. I walked down the aisle publically at age eleven in a Baptist Church and God has been with me ever since publically.

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