I AM ———-

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
From early childhood I wondered exactly what was meant when God said, “I AM,” Now you hear it all the time. People want to be accepted by others by simply saying, I am what I am, stimulated by people not accepting other people or trying to change them. If people can get away with it, they say “you must accept me, or I will see you in court.” Then people who get legal acceptance say other people must become like them or there is something wrong with you, but they say “I am who I am, leave me alone.” People want God to accept or be like their most “base desires,” but God says, “I believe in the “highest desires,” and that’s who “I am.” And the highest desires are love and sacrifice, but humanity is going to the extreme saying, “everything is about money,” and that’s who we are. God is about love, creativity, truth, patience, long suffering and sacrifice, love being the greatest. How beautiful people are when they are like God and give of themselves through love and sacrifice, instead of money. God says, I exist and I am creative and “I am that I am,” and if you don’t like it, I’ll see you go to hell. The Bible is the guide book of behavior, which is what the Churches are supposed to promote, but most churches are about money. That’s why the humble little adobe churches in New Mexico are so beautiful, the artwork handmade, the adobes were handmade and the relationships of the individual members with God, were handmade. Of course these churches are being abandoned now. The people want “the best money can buy,” even in their churches, but God remains unchanged today and in the future, “I AM,” about love and sacrifice.

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