MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
The Christian artist is “provocative” because he or she deals with and expresses all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the physical and sexual, which stimulates emotional, intellectual and social reactions. While participating in many art exhibits and festivals, I noticed people always looking for artwork with meaning and purpose, because they were bored with the usual landscapes and portraits. They came to these art shows to be inspired by the artwork “on the edge.” The Christian artist, if he or she is fulfilling thrir purpose, expresses that on the edge artwork. People project their natural human nature onto God, their ego, but God is about love, sacrifice and light. God’s light shines for everyone, but many turn away because they don’t like what’s in the light, love and sacrifice. God sacrificed his son, Jesus Christ, because of the love he had for his creation and his children. The Church is the earthly vessel for learning about God and his purposes, but because the Churches are organized by humans, they sometimes fall short of their purpose. The answer is to find God within yourself. All creators are within their creations.

Original church photo by Connie, modified and added light effects by Jim.

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