MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
During the middle of the festive party of drinking and sex in dark corners, she felt a void deep within her body, an emptiness and she felt worthless. She went to the ladies room and found in the drawers under the sink sissors and a men’s razor. In a rage of repentance she called to God to forgive her as she cut off all her beautiful hair and shaved her head clean. Pushing her way through the crowded rooms of people to the front door, she left. The quietness and peace began to fill her before she realized a storm was whipping the trees and shrubs around her. She walked the streets toward the Church in her party dress and bald head, repenting as she remembered all her sins. Finally, she was at the large wooden front doors of the Church, she stopped and felt within herself the dramatic change happening in her mind, heart and soul. The storm was now focused on her, she was coming back to her Creator. Joyously she began to laugh and pray, she was with God. She opened the heavy door and saw little candles lit at the altar pushing away the darkness within her.

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