MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
After a long hike in the foothills with Malinda, it is time to rest and think about other things. Then we would go off trail and start climbing among the granite boulders looking for that perfectly isolated place to remove damp clothing and sunbathe in privacy. A flat rock was preferable with a view, but it sometimes took a while to find it. Snakes also liked flat rocks in the sun during spring and fall; so we were respectful of who was there first. The longer it took, the more the rocks and trees were in sympathetic mood with us. They began to agonize and gyrate over the delay of satisfaction. They began to desire Malinda themselves and moved with her rhythms. Tree branches attempted to hold her. The earth tried to absorb her. The sky cast light upon her, but in the end I possessed her.

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