MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
Why are people the way they are? A partial answer is that some people have intense visions and dreams. My life was permanently altered by a few dreams over a short period of time, which gave me patience with other people when they started telling me about their visions and dreams.
Mary was an intelligent down to earth young woman, but suddenly left her family and friends in Albuquerque and moved to a small village in northern New Mexico. She knew no one would understand her actions or believe her story; so she didn’t try to explain. We met at an art show and I wondered about some of her pictures. When I said they reminded me of the moods in some of my dreams, she burst forth with her vision. A woman over a span of a year kept calling her, elongating her name. First it was just her name being called, then an old house came with the voice. Then a tugging within her mind to travel north into the mountains. Every weekend Mary took trips. She would go the direction where the voice was loudest in her mind. She studied the state maps to familiarize herself with the back roads and finally after months of traveling she was able to keep the voice loud within her mind and then her heart, mind and soul came across this old Adobe house… and there at the corner of the house was a woman, motionless, but she was calling Mary’s name. Mary closed her eyes and then opened them repeatedly, the vision and physical reality would alternate. It was an abandoned house and no one nearby knew who owned it now; so after investicating for a few weeks, decided to move in. She felt nurtured and inspired within the old house and began painting pictures inspired by the voice. She felt possessed, but it was a fulfilling and enriching experience. Then, once, while looking out the window at the sun rising over the mountain, she saw an angel within the bright light, calling her name, Mary. She concluded that the woman had brought her to this house where she could paint inspired artwork.

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