MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
I finally was fast enough with my camera to take a picture of Gloria running before she disappeared among the buildings. Every morning or evening she ran through the village of Truchas for exercise. For a year she would avoid running near the Church, it just bothered her. When I asked her about the path she took, she stared at me as if I was challenging her. She said, “I feel strange going near the Church, strange vibrations. I feel like I might fall over or something.” The Church was near the end of her exercise run; so I stood at the opened gate one morning and invited her into the courtyard and Church as she approached. “No, no, no she said, too many statues, paintings, candles and incense smells, and continued her “run around religion.” Later I told her that Christ in the Bible had warned about “being too religious.” The important thing was to find the spiritual God within yourself, the Kingdom of Heaven. (Some religious rituals were important to observe,) but not to,let those many many rituals block you from understanding the aspects of life, from the spiritual to the emotional to the intellectual to the social to the physical and sexual. Gloria thought for a few moments and said, “if I don’t have to believe all that religious stuff, maybe I can enter the Church, maybe tomorrow.” I looked at her, inviting her into the Church, now. “I’m starting to get those strange feelings again,” she said. “Feel the creative spiritual around you, and walk into the Church,”I said. She held onto the iron gate and took a step forward. “I feel energized and creative,” she said with surprise. She said she could hear singing and felt joy and began to laugh with happiness. The vibrations filled her with anticipation and she continued into the dimly lit Church, and she saw the statues and paintings of Christ crucified and the sweet fragrance of candles and incense… and it was alright. Her intense avoidance quickly turned into intense acceptance. She knelt half way up the nave on the old wooden floor boards and said, “forgive me God for I have sinned by running away from you.”


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