MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
As I hike in the canyons of the Sandia Mountains, I see creatures trying to adapt to crevasses for shelter and protection. I also have enjoyed finding caves with interesting views and perspectives, some are difficult to squeeze into. Life is the same way. Humanity has been given full awareness of the spiritual, various colors of the emotional, interweaving intellectual threads, difficult social interactions and physical problems of all sorts. Oh yes, the sexual complexities are included. All these relationships are for humanity to unravel, sort through and make decisions about, and sometimes it feels like squeezing into a crevass, to escape or to gain a particular perspective. I spent most of my life searching for the unifying element in life and I found it was creativity, because everything begins with a creator, from a sandwich to a building to the universe. Creator, process, creation is the internal structure of creativity. I searched and found God, the ultimate spiritual Creator force within myself, since all creations inheritantly have their creator inside them. I find myself within a uniquely created crevass by God for a purpose and occasionally meet someone of like mind, thank you God.

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