MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
The early architectural style, or hacienda, in New Mexico was a courtyard surrounded by the house or walls for defense. The style remains now for intimate privacy, similar to a place for reflection, to be natural or naked and for the gathering of friends. Interior doors and windows look out onto the courtyard. I was invited into an old hacienda a few times by a young woman who had inherited the home. She would sunbathe in the center next to a small pool and a patch of grass. When she invited people into her private courtyard she would be very open about herself, nothing was hidden, but step outside the inner space and she would be guarded like most everyone else. Santa Fe has many such hidden courtyards within the city, just off the central plaza. They remind me of the private inner life we all have, where we can be with God, our Creator.

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