MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
And God breathed air and a soul into the crystalline creations from sand, but the creations were more impressed with the physical sand and carbon creations than the inner unseen souls, but God holds those creations responsible for both. The poetic aspect of humanity is beautiful, but there is a harsh reality approaching. The soldiers from the north are preparing to land in Syria as I write this, fulfilling Revelations warning about Armageddon. Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The creations of “sand” are preparing for war, the creations aware of the spiritual soul are pointing towards the Creator as the source of escape. Look for your soul in these days. I read a well known world leader say, “the religion that brings a person closer to God is the best religion.” The complete concept of creativity reveals that “God is within you.” Look within, which is not religion, it is reality. The interior structure of creativity and reality is, “creator, process, creation.” Every creation has his creator within him/her. “Find the spiritual soul within your sand, God put it there.”

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