MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2015 ————
A pure point of white light is mesmerizing, created by God, and when refracted or divided produces all the other colors found in nature. We are imperfect creations and find it hard to stare at white light, rather we love reveling in the reds, blues and greens. It is through the other colors and aspects of life that we learn about the completeness of God and life around us. I have greatly loved relating to other artists and experiencing their understanding of colors and forms, as we shared enrichment, mainly women artists. They have, to begin with, a different perspective on life. We sometimes exchanged posing time, but most women artists also prefered women, just simply more variety. Many lived in little villages where living expenses were less, and we both found the old adobe churches meaningful and colorful if they were still intact. Walking town the dirt streets at sunset when the atmosphere would cast a warmth onto the adobe buildings, both visual and to the touch. Then we would discuss what we saw and felt individually, which would lead to the next day’s paintings, but we always kept in mind that what we saw was only made possible by “pure white light.”

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