copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

The concha belt represents major events within our lives as strung on a length of leather. Felicia felt a major occurance about to happen in her life and the world, and wanted to be in a place appropriate to the event. Cabezon and the other fifty volcanic necks seemed worthy. The fifth super lunar eclipsed moon was to occur, which meant in the Bible a spiritual change. The lava exuding from the depths of the earth meeting the heavenly bodies was where she wanted to be. She wondered if the physical world would be aware or it or would it be only spiritually decerned. She was worried though, she had not put God first in her life all these years; so the spiritual wave may flow over her without her knowing it. She needed to prove to God that created things were not more important than the Creator; so she brought her bag of silver and turquoise artifacts along with pottery shards from the pueblos. She then opened the cover and spun around flinging all the treasured pieces from the bag. She knelt down and prayed that God would forgive her for putting the created before the Creator. She then realized she was wearing expensive clothes, even though casual. In quick frantic movements she removed all her clothes and remained kneeling before God completely naked. In anguish she knew she was kneeling now to hide herself and her sins and omissions. She stood up and began acknowledging her sins out loud, her pride, arrogance and disrespect of God. When her inner motivations were finally pure, a flash of brilliant light surrounded her, and she knew God had forgiven her and she was now with him for eternity. She turned and began her walk back leaving her clothes and trinkets, she was now “walking with God.”

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