copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

The ancient peoples lived on top of volcanic necks for defense and for spiritual purposes, being closer to their Creator. When three young women artists and I drove to the Cabezon area, we felt “out of place.” Felicia tried to get closer to God and to the ancient people by removing her clothes and praying to the spirits. Carla stood on the side of the dirt road and tried to imagine what life was like hundreds of years ago. Felicia stepped on a sticker and hopped back to the jeep, her pale soft flesh shaking with every movement. I went and picked up Felicia’s clothes where she had dropped them and we all laughed at our premise of fitting in. Then we began a discussion of how we tried to fit in back home, it still was difficult, even though we spent everyday in our Contempory society. There were the social groups who basically controlled most situations. Then there were all the other smaller entities and individuals, singing a different tune, they just didn’t fit in, and were outnumbered. It was no one’s fault, it was just the way it was. Some tried to act more social, but they were awkward and would step on a social sticker and would hop back to where they were more comfortable. The social group outwardly said they wanted more members, but were also judgemental of differences; so things stayed the way they had always been. Differences are threatening and make the social people uncomfortable, but I give credit to those who ponder the idea of including differences.

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