copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

As the three women artists and I pondered the life of the ancients on top of the volcanic neck, we wondered if their understanding of God was greater than ours. They weren’t obsessed with materialism as we are, which blocks our relationship with God. They lived simple lives which is advocated in the Bible. And they looked out at a full sky of stars most nights instead of t.v. All four of us had experienced visions occasionally, which we had wondered about. What if we all focused on the same image, the volcanic neck ahead of us and let God be with us. We closed our eyes, cleared our minds and emotions and let our spiritual souls roam free. As the minutes progressed we just naturally moved closer to each other until our heads touched. We brought our hands together. We desired God to be amongst us and he was. Prayer brings God. Occasionally someone said something, a word or a sound. Our breathing became almost unified. Then we all saw blue lights moving over the peak. We all had different expressions, sounds and words. Afterwards, we discussed that none of us had ever experienced anything like that in Our Churches or anywhere else. Simply being with God out in the wilderness, in connection with souls from the past had stimulated a spiritual experience. The city with its noise and congestion actually was blocking a relationship with God. God taught Moses out in the desert and we knew we had all been blessed with the New Mexico desert, a place to commune with God and the spiritual.

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