copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

The young women artists and I would have intense conversations as we drove to different places around New Mexico for hikes, photographs or personal re-enactments of visions we had experienced. As we drove we shared with each other the details of dreams. We were usually naked in our dreams, which probably meant we wanted to be seen, known or accepted for who we really were. Fortunately at our young ages we were all slender and erotically attractive. Since we all were mountain hikers, our visions and dreams usually included large granite, sandstone or lave rocks. The sun burst out between the boulders and flowed like water. It was also a common experience to be seeking something, but having a difficult time finding it. We would go off the main roads with the jeep to the base of the foothills and begin our hike into the mountains, everyone thinking about the scenario they wanted to act out and be photographed by someone else in the group. Frequently, the enactment destination would be where we stopped to rest, have lunch and strip to dry off and sunbathe on a large flat rock or on a dry sandy arroyo. After we had recouperated, the imaginations became activated, compositions were sought out among the landscape, lighting and we all wondered who would be first. Since we had been naked for awhile around each other from the sunbathing, the nudity was no longer a big deal and we started figuring out how to translate our dreams and visions into physical reality. After three or four hours we would all be mentally and emotionally fitiqued. We would all rest sitting around on rocks. Then it was reflection time and time to laugh about our dreams, motivations and re-enactments, just artists having fun while working through their inner demons and desires.

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