copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

We saw a distant lonely hill to the south of the interstate, but there were fences three deep between us and the mesa. We could see narrow dirt roads leading to the hill; so we got off the highway and traced the trails back to the main road. About a mile away there were gates for feeding cattle, I presumed. It was an overcast day and the clouds were lowering, I wondered about rain, also about the dirt roads with clay content, which can immobilize even a jeep when wet. We hurried down the highway embankment to the gates and entered, closely them behind us. Wow, this was a deeply rutted set of trails, as our body organs were rearranged over and over with the deep crevasses and bumps, but we made it to the base of the hill and we’re glad to stand on steady ground. The hill was covered with lava rocks of all sizes as we picked our way up the side watching for snakes. We should have started earlier because the sun was beginning to set as the clouds hung lower and a mist of rain surrounded us. Reaching the top revealed a man-made pile of rocks at the crest, with a cross wedged between the largest stones. Then the sun peaked under the clouds and colored the mist above us red, orange and yellow. We suddenly felt we were at an important gravesite. A breeze began swirling the clouds around.

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