copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

As the young woman is indicating, there is only “one” really important definition of perfection, the one God has set. Most people, Christians and non-Christians, have an inaccurate understanding of God’s perfection. The correct perspective is seen all around us in all of our relationships. And that’s the key word, relationships. All relationships are ever developing and changing. The participants in the relationship are either working towards bettering it or letting it disintegrate. Relationships are living entities. When people loose interest in the relationship, it falls apart. People ask each other, “are you trying to make it work, do you care?” PERFECTION is when we continuously try to make it work, to be better, to reach the perfect “interactions.” This is the same with God. We all have a relationship with God, but are we trying to be better in the living changing environment? We never attain the “static” definition of perfection and shouldn’t be trying for unreasonable goals. Praying to God first every day is the beginning of a perfect relationship with God. Giving him honestly all your problems and concerns. Few things change quickly because we are complex creatures. Over time, with effort, we reach that perfect relationship because we are continuously trying and we care. People observing our lives from the outside think we have many problems and think we are very imperfect, but the “one” definition most important is whether we are working towards a perfect relationship with God. We would all be happy in relationships if we knew everyone involved was trying to make it work, that’s perfection.

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