copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

She had gone in the front door many times and had heard the same story. Today she noticed the side door and was curious what was behind it. She thought it was locked at first, but it was just old, warped and rusty. She pushed harder and it opened about an inch or two. It was dark inside and smelled of incense. There obviously was no one inside; so she slowly entered. The floor boards creaked with her first steps. White robes on hangers caught her eyes first and above that was a shelf with declarative bottles. Looking to the right she saw a small wooden table and a bed next to the wall. There was another shelf with can foods and unmarked bottles of liquids. A small worn braided rug covered most the floor area. The only intriguing question was, what was the chair like contraption next to the opposite wall. She looked around the room and finally saw a drawer under the shelf. Within it was a phamplet, brown and worn, some corners bent backwards. The almost faded drawing on the front was of the chair structure, next to the wall. Flipping through the pages, fifty or more, she saw that the chair was for punishment, in various positions. The text was in Spanish, which slowed her reading. “Finding God through…” But the next word was smeared. She added the word, “pain.” In the dark corner was a liltle cabinet, next to the shelf. Opening the carved and painted door she saw whips of different lengths. “Yes,” she remembered, she was in northern New Mexico where whippings were part of the religion, but this would be worse than being called into the principals office in school. Studying the phamplet intrigued her so much, she had to try out the positions. She moved the chair to the middle of the room. The back of the chair pulled upward with legs. She kicked off her sneakers, pulled her socks off, pulled her top off over her head and then pushed down her shorts and panties. She was in the scenario now, pretending that she was going to be punished. Putting her knees in the chair she bent over the table-like back and slid her hands down the wooden legs. A perfumed cloud filled the room, pinkish in color. It was delightful and she breathed it in. She became sleepy and relaxed. When she awoke, not knowing how much later, she tried to rub her nose, but her wrists were tied to the wooden leg. There were other straps around her ankles and. upper thighs. Was this a dream or was it real. She decided to go with “which ever it was.” A man in the dim light wearing one of those white robes opened the cabinet with the whips and took one out. In a quiet voice he said, “God allows you to enter the front door or the side door.” The side door is for the curious, sinful natures who disrespect God. They are welcome, but are punished. “What is your name?” He asked. She was trying to stay anonymous even to herself when sneaking into the side door. She stuttered, but finally said, Melissa. He said, “Today, Melissa, you will be purified of your sins. You will cry until sin no longer wants to be with you. Then the first stinging swat went across the flesh of her naked back, then one across her buttocks. At this point Melissa was enjoying her fantasy, if it was one.

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