copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Where ever they went, in the landscape around the pueblo or in the city nearby, she whispered words she knew he needed to know. He wouldn’t remember them all, but over time they would become part of his understanding of life. She felt the spiritual was basic and talked about the Creator of all things. Christianity had invaded the pueblo people in the 15 and 1600s and forced a different understanding on them. Over hundreds of years some of the people gave serious thought to the two religions and saw that both had the Creator, but the Christians had CHRIST who sacrificed himself for the people. She saw that she sacrificed herself for her son in many ways; so CHRIST was similar. CHRIST talked about eternal life if people accepted his sacrifice and life teachings. She read the Bible and found the kingdom of Heaven within herself. This was a difficult truth to teach her young boy; so began by taking him out in nature and having him discover what is not easily seen, like the inner spirit.

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