copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Descending into a sandstone canyon for a casual hike may be for pure enjoyment, but bring a fifty foot rope just in case. The top edge has usually broken off more recently and is sheared clean, but pieces fell and tumbled downward. A half mile deep canyon is common. Rocks are loosened as you descend, which may continue to fall after you’re below them, a hard hat is advised, but I never wore one. I like to hike slow to enjoy the scenery, which is why I always chose women partners, hopefully who were into photography also. The picture taking led to discussions of seeing accurately and composition. What we saw depended on what we were aware of in life. The cracks in the rocks, dried grasses in the recesses and tiny bones all revealed our awareness of life around us.
The more we became aware of our humanity, the more open we became with each other. By the time we reached the bottom, we had become intimate. We had also descended into each other’s emotional, intellectual and spiritual canyons and climbed out close friends and sometimes more.

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