copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

The contempory art model is so much more these days than just naked. People want to know the woman removing her clothes. It begins with the first glance at someone walking down the mall or in a store, sitting at a resturant or out hiking, my favorite. Before any contact is made with the possible model, a study is made of her movements, style, awareness of her surroundings. Someone I’m with may ask to take a picture of her, just to see how adventurous she is. If she is hiking,what is she wearing, shorts, skimpy top, hat and boots, all revealing a little of her body, abdomen, legs and neck. Her expressions while being observed is crucial, is she embarrassed, is she enjoying the attention or is she getting arroused emotionally, intellectually and sexually. You would be surprised by how many hiking women are open to visual inspection.

The question, would you be willing to be our model? If she has any awareness of her surroundings, she would have noticed our attention on her and already made up her mind about receptivity. She may begin an intense inspection of the artists, myself and a woman, studying our eyes and expressions. “You’re talking nude model…right?” She asks. We nod in affirmation. “Where would we do this, is always the next question?” “Our studio is the best because we have modeling platform and all our tools,” is the reply. “What would you expect of me?” She asks. This is important, we tell her she must be completely shaved, a bikini wax is best. This stimulates her, good and bad. Next, we tell her the discussion while posing is essential. We want to explore her spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, physical and sexual to watch her body language and facial expressions, which effect her bodies position.

When she arrives at the studio she receives a tour of the artwork on the wall and on easels to convince her we are sincere artists. After she is assured she becomes relaxed. We tell her where the kitchen and bathroom are located. If she is knowledgeable about modeling she might ask where the screen for disrobing is located. “There is no screen,” she is told, some of the best posing and expressions are seen while a woman is taking off her clothes. She grins, thinking she will stand next to the wall, but no, she stands in the middle of the rotating platform.

The initial sketching is for her to losen up and for our preparations. Once we see her begining to look around and maybe be a little bored, the woman artist asks her, “how she feels spiritually about being naked?” I love to see her take time to answer, proving she is thinking. I ask if she likes the idea of God seeing her mouth, tongue, neck, breasts, abdomen, hips, buttocks, slit and legs. If she says it’s alright, it means she she has nothing to hide from God or she is being hostile towards God. A pose which reflects both is when she is kneeling down, chest near the ground and buttocks upward. The spiritual is the most difficult since our society thinks little of it and is embarrassed being with God.

The emotional questions liberates the model, she goes into dance positions she has seen. Embarrassment is overcome by enthusiasm, probably coming from the ancient love of dance.

Intellectualism brings retrained responses. She may pose in a very organized manner to depict an idea.

Social brought her down off the platform and she walked around us touching and caressing us. She rubbed her breasts against our arms and the woman’s artist’s bare midriff.

Physical stumped her as she had been moving her body physically during the other aspects of life. She just sat on the edge of the platform, pushing with her foot, to make the platform rotate.

Sexual was last and the preceding had stimulated her. On the platform she acted out every sexual position she could think of, standing, reclining and on all fours along with the actions seen with all of them. Then she seemed exhausted, ready to be a nude model. No requested pose seemed outrageous now, after all of her actions. Her body was the transition between the hair on her head and the shadowy areas between her legs. Points of interest included her nipples, belly button, moles and her vagina and anus. The curved lives were in contrast with the bony structure of ribs, collar bones and arm and legs.

It was a long enjoyable process between first sighting to beautiful naked model. We always remained permanent friends discussing art, philosophy, religion and nude modeling, and would frequently become interested in art themselves and help us in the recruitment of other women. We all want to “reveal” who we are, but it is difficult to find a safe senario.

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