copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Sylvia Sanchez just finished a photo spread for the local Sunday newspaper. Her beautiful old adobe home was featured with her and her friends sitting around the wooden dining room table, colorful paintings on the wall, fireplace and all looking like perfectly normal wealthy people, but only a few days before she had been at the “reality wall,” within a red sandstone arroyo. It was a place she went to be absolved of her sins, mainly harming other people to maintain her wealth. She knew an old retired priest who reluctantly helped her, both being raised in northern New Mexico and the whipping penitents. There was a ladder for escaping sudden floods in the arroyo and they would climb down into the sun warmed gulley. There she would confess to the priest her sins and omissions followed by removing her clothes, turning her back, hanging onto the upper rungs of the ladder and being whipped. When she was greatly bothered by her evil actions, she would turn around and be whipped across her chest, abdomen and legs. She told the priest to continue until she was crying from the stinging whip, only then could she return home and pretend to be the loving caring citizen of her community, helping the poor, being a patron of the arts and posing for pictures as in the Sunday newspaper. She called the arroyo, “her reality wall.”


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