copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Winter hikes to avoid snakes in the mountains limits the color normally seen; so the more subtle colors and shapes are appreciated more. Also hiking with a slender woman adds to the enjoyment. I frequently had to pull, push and hold on to the woman in difficult rock areas. We would usually start in the cool morings, but by noon sweaters and pants were stuffed into back packs revealing shorts and skimpy tops. After more exertion we would find a rock to dry off on, have lunch and sunbathe nude. The gentle breezes caressing nipples was always a reason for erections. As she removed her boots, socks, shorts, top and panties it was my turn to react. Our clothes softened the granite rock crystals below us. Young couples, especially the males, were always in a hurry climbing the mountain and more relaxed coming down. The hiking aesthetics were greatest in the afternoon as we meandered among the boulders, cactus and trees. A few flowers remained on the south side of rock outcroppings, but watching the bending and stretching woman with me was the greatest enjoyment. She enjoyed teasing me with provocative positions and would occasionally unzip her shorts when she was interested. I sure am glad God decided to “create woman.”


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