copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

We were hiking in the dark forest, watching every step around granite rocks, cactus and fallen logs. The sky was bright in contrast; so I didn’t look up much. Alisha was doing the same, but in one of her glanses towards the montain peaks she saw a vision of a church she had seen many times in her childhood village. The huge granite rock was almost white in contrast with the forest darkness. She rubbed her eyes over and over until I asked what was the matter. She said, “do you see the church on the bright rock,” and I looked up but didn’t see anything. She screamed, “it’s the “lady of perpetual love” church on that rock. I put my sun glasses on to knock out the glare, but still didn’t see it. “Again, I have to do it again,” she said, over and over. “What?” I asked. “I have to walk to God naked again, every time I sin, big, she appears and makes me do penance.”May I come with you, that’s a long hike?” Alisha seemed resigned to the fact at hand and seemed unaware of me, as she began removing her clothes. I thought, “only in this spiritual realm is something like this required frequently, coming before God naked.” As she took her clothes off, I put them in her back pack. She was slow in the removal of her clothes. She said, “God likes to watch me become naked; so I do it slowly.” First she sat on a rock and untied her hiking boots, I realized this was going to be an erotic process. When her boots were off, she pulled down her white socks exposing her toes and she wiggled them in the arroyo sand. I already had an erection looking at her newly freed pink toes. I asked myself, “how was I going to be able to watch this?” Next she took off her jacket, sweat shirt and plaid short sleeved shirt, now only her black bra remained. She gave me a quick look, but then said, “embarrassment and humiliation are part of my process, and reached around her back and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall into her lap. Her medium sized tits hung down on her chest, nipples very erect and hard. I started to turn away, but she yelled, “you must watch, it’s part of my punishment.” I turned back around to see her unzip her jeans and let them fall to the ground, then stepped out of them. She said, “I wondered why I felt a compulsion to have a bikini wax in the middle of the week,” as she pulled down her black laced panties. She was very smooth between her legs. She now raised her arms over her head as if in a crucified position and said, “look at me, you can do anything you want with me.” Thoughts came to mind, but I was too intimidated by the entire scene. She said, “go ahead” and bent over a high tree stump exposing her vagina and anus to me, but I looked up at the rock where she saw the church, and declined. “Now I will be subject to more punishment because of your resistance.” She said. She began her walk to the church, naked, barefoot and with hers arms behind her head. Luckily the arroyo was sandy most of the way except for the final climb up the granite, where she said the door was located. I would have thought all this was extremely unusual except that I had been through the same experience many times. When we were almost there a bright light illuminated the ground in front of us and we both heard within our minds, “this is a sacred path, no one continues with clothes on their bodies; so it was my turn to remove my clothes, which was more embarrassing and humiliating for me as my erect penis flipped out when I pulled down my underwear. She said, “it’s so small” and then laughed. We crossed the bright line on the ground and continued to the Church. I still didn’t see the church; so I had to have faith in this woman. We were now both naked and walking carefully on the sand, watching out for any cactus spines. The final climb up the granite rock was as if we had wings. The door was huge and led to an enormous altar through hundreds of pews filled with people or souls. We knelt at the altar and prayed to God. Large red robes floated down from above and upon our backs. We were being ordained to minister to the people. We would be stripped naked by people many times trying to humiliate us, but we had already been naked before God, our Creator, and purified.

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