copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

There are many types of laboratories, mostly science uses that term, but the Christian artist’s studio is also a laboratory, bringing together all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the sexual. Within the studio walls are drawings and paintings of naked males and females, a platform, comfy sofa with colored blankets and a bed. Windows are critical, mainly north facing but some east facing with stained glass designs and crosses. Fabrics cover just about everything giving a very soft and relaxed environment. The nude male or female, or both, standing or reclining complete the scene. Sometimes vistitors walk into the studios causing physiological changes in the models, erect nipples and erect penis. The laboratory conducts studies of the spiritual combined with the sexual and the emotional, intellectual, physical and social reactions. Yes, it has always been difficult for the artist to only see the nude model as a body. Alisha would unbutton her shirt if the male model looked bored or she would walk past him touching him gently with her long hair or soft breasts. In her paintings she created combinations of the nude with the cross. When she came across a nude male model, or female, with a definite spiritual side to their lives, there would be intense discussions about how the spiritual and sexual inter-related. Could the male get an erection while looking at the cross? Could they have sex while looking at a religious stained glass. When does the purity and holiness of the spiritual become harmed by the sexual? The penitents of New Mexico add a complication to all the aspects of life, naked whipping and crucifixion. Maria, who I’ve written about, ties the spiritual and sexual together through the crucifixion process. She is also an artist, maybe at the extreme end though. To ask Alisha for a still life painting of some fruit and a bowl brings a grin to her face. She might do it, but there would be a religious statue or painting in the background. Her laboratory is not compulsively organized, but instead operates under the therory of chaos, putting everything out together and allowing your mind, spirit and heart make combinations. When I walked into her studio for a visit, she immediately told me to remove all my clothes and stand by the window with the sunlight streaming in. She began a sketch on her large drawing pad, blocking me in within the corners of the composition. Her favorite question to ask a naked male with an erection “do you believe in God?” and watched to see if the erection faded. If it did, he had some explaining to do. She frequently walked over to the nude male and painted a cross on his chest and watched his reaction. If you had the nerve, you could ask Alisha to pose naked for you, but it might include the bed and she was demanding.

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