copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Joaquin didn’t hide who she was any more than the landscape with the beautiful fall cottonwood trees along the river, eroded red sandstone layers and volcanic ash covered with lava. She was an artist who painted reality within her own life and nature around her. She took me on hikes along the river, into the shadowed purple canyons and ultimately to the top of the mesas. There are so few people willing to share their lives so completely. When she saw my attraction and appreciation for her while hiking, she would unbutton or remove her shirt giving me full view of her breasts, abdomen and the sensuous lines of her back. She’d smile an earthy grin as her eyes sparkled. She would climb the rocks ahead of me, bending over, showing me the curve of her buttocks. She made it clear that I could partake of her body, mind, heart and soul at any time. She lived within a revealing landscape and also lived it herself, but I was a tourist, just visiting her and the beauty around her, not wanting to spoil in any way what I beheld around me. At the top of the mesa, after a difficult rock climbing experience, she disrobed completely and stretched out on her back completely naked. The dark purplish black lava rock contrasted in texture and shape with her pinkish tanned body. She motioned to me to be with her. “Caress me,” was all she said. As I looked at the cottonwood trees, canyons and now Joaquin, I saw the visual beauty and felt the softness and contrast of her breasts, ribs, sunken abdomen, hips, legs and the warm moisture between her legs. She belonged out her in the rugged harsh natural environment. The people of the city wouldn’t accept her openness.

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