copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Christians and even non-Christians have heard the Bible stories of how God related to mankind two thousand years ago, but very few people are thinking about how God is relating to mankind, “now.” Most Christians attend Church thinking they know everything about God; so they focus more on socializing with each other. The world situation is worsening because Christians and others are ignoring God’s message now. As in all relationships, they change and develop or they disintegrate. God is offering advanced knowledge of himself through his “creative” nature, as the Bible says, the truth is known by our minds understanding of creative things. God is offering knowledge about all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the sexual and especially how those two aspects are connected. Spiritual and sexual are interconnected and inter-related. The Contempory Christian is aware of the spiritual during the sexual and one stimulates the other. The knowledge most people have about God today is “horribly inadequate.” God is offering knowledge about the connectivity of all the creative aspects of life and it requires awareness, attention and study, but so many people are into the social party of the Church instead of learning about God’s offerings for today.

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