copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

On my hike this morning in the foothills there were many paths in many directions. Bicycle riders and people alone or with other people and dogs were on all the trails. When this young woman passed me, I tried to guess which path she would take as I watched her over time, but couldn’t, there were too many possibilities. People tend to think that the path they are on is the best, but there are too many variables to make such a judgement. The best we can do is to try and appreciate the choices and experiences other people have made, even though they may seem wrong and maybe bizarre. My family sent me down an alternate path by not talking to me as a child. No one will ever understand the process I went through to survive that situation and I’m still anaylizing it. Most paths in life are pretty well mapped out for everyone, but there is one path, the spiritual, that is always open and different than the one you are on now. It is usually a sudden right turn because it goes contrary to the simple physical path. You will probably find yourself alone, but God, your Creator, will be with you and you will never be alone after that decision to have a relationship with God. It’s the alternate path I chose when my family didn’t talk to me as a youth and I’ve never felt alone.

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