copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

When Sissy Sanchez painted in her studio, and sometimes outside, she would leave her shirt unbuttoned most of the way; so people could see her crosses. When we sat at a table in her studio she explained the cross meant to her being open and honest, hiding nothing. They meant sacrifice and as a woman they also meant nurturance by being in between her breasts, which could be partially seen. To emphasize her point she leaned forward exposing her breasts completely to me. I told her I understood, but I was also arroused sexually by her revealed breasts. She said, “yes, I draw people in with my open shirt and as they strain to see my tits, they see the crosses, which reminds them of Christ and God. Then I talk to them about the spiritual. I thought, using sexuality to bring people into the church is usually done more subtly, good looking young women singers, etc., but out here in the rural areas subtlety doesn’t exist. She was working on a painting showing the church crosses and her crosses hanging on her chest. She stood up to continue her painting by removing all her clothes and looking into a full length mirror. The church was only a block away for her study. We continued to talk as she worked. As she stood in front of me naked, I appreciated her slender figure. I could see the rear view and then the front by looking into the mirror. She hid nothing and was shaved between her legs. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she had both, boyfriend and girlfriend. As she thought about them, her nipples hardened and became erect. She then bent over to pick up a brush on the floor and when she stood back up the chain for one of the crosses became hung-up on her left erect nipple. Her hands had paint on them; so she asked me to move the chain since it was a little scratchy. As I took the chain off, she said, “hold my breast.” We were discussing spiritual matters, but were being sexual. They seemed to merge beautifully within view of her “crosses.”

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