copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Marki Martinez lived in one of the small villages in northern New Mexico. She painted pictures of the Church, mountains and trees, but it was limiting. Her dreams reflected her restrained environment along with the passion she felt. When she painted her dreams, she placed herself next to the old adobe Church and amongst the spiritual turmoil she saw. The human body and the Church seemed to be the most important creations on earth. Her body was drawn to the Church, which led to God and eternal creativity, but the little cross at the doorway was the sacrificial path to God. Every time she saw the cross it reminded her of the naked Christ crucified; so she would remove her clothes, stretch herself out in the crucified position and then kneel and pray at her altar. She wondered how many other Christians felt the same way and responded to the cross in a similar way. Her life, art of the village church and dreams seemed to blend together.

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