copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

The outdoor performance art exhibit was only the second of its kind in northern New Mexico. It comprised of curtains, sculpture and mirrors. It opened at midnight with the instructions to find and experience the red curtain, but because of the mirrors and reflections it was near impossible to get close to it. Being in the penitent area of the state the red curtain or robe had religious significance. If you touched it, your deepest desires would be realized, so the instructions warned to be introspective first to discover what those desires were before touching the robe. People roamed within the large area open to the night sky and stars. Their image was distorted by the mirrors at every turn, quickly becoming a nightmare for some. Occasional spotlights illuminated the sculpture, making it difficult for your eyes to adjust.

In the middle of the exhibit was a shallow pool, reflecting the stars, with a priest standing on one side and an erect cross on the opposite side. Large sculptures surrounded the pool as at Stonehenge, but each stone was sculpted with fanciful colored creatures, significant to the overall meaning and purpose. This performance art allowed the visitors to participate, but should they?

An old wooden table or altar had a bowl with a liquid inside and it was required you drink a small cup full before proceeding. The exhibiting artists helped those interested to go behind a large green curtain after they drank. I glimpsed a peak inside the curtain and saw a lot of clothes on the ground. I heard religious chants and moans. I saw the red robe or curtain in the distance. Most people decided not to continue and simply sat on the ground in a group talking about the art show, reinforcing each other’s fears and inhibitions. I then drank of the cup and began to see visions as someone took my arm. I began a journey I would never forget. I was speeding around turns, through light and dark, heard voices loud and soft and saw colors and unrecognizable shapes and stopped at the foot of the priest.

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