copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

What you choose to see or see without choice, may be coming into your life. Juaqua and I were standing in front of the Chimayo church when the clouds began to swirl behind it and our imaginations accentuated the image. We saw what had meaning for us. Our deep inner desires became vivid. Juaqua was afraid of the meaning of the crosses and removed them from the church towers within her mind and emotions. The church was just a building then without spiritual purpose. It was just a physical and social structure, which many people have done with the Church in order to justify its existence in their lives. She facilated between acceptance and participation and rejection. Because she had accepted the church, off and on, she experienced the enrichment, fulfillment and inner peace, off and on. Coming back was stimulated by loneliness and levels of misery. I could only pray for her and be there when she needed a friend. The choice was hers, to see the crosses or not. As we stood there in front of the church and spiritual forces, she would suddenly say, “I am seeing the crosses, but then they disappear,” reflecting her inconsistent inner choices. I prayed she would be “seeing” the crosses when Christ returned to take his people unto himself.

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