copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

Julietta was tall, slender and was drawn to black and white photographs; so we went into the foothills where I took a picture of her in the moonlight. She felt the drama of black and white movies, the various colors being reduced to either light or dark. She was raised by adults who had rules with no grays. They brought her to church where the leaders were even more strict about good and evil. When I first mentioned Christianity to her, she bristled and became angry. I don’t even remember the context now because her reaction was so strong. It took months of telling her that the Bible said “love” was most important and not to be too religious. This is difficult for most Christians to hear because it requires thinking and feeling instead of just adhering and relying on rules for guidence. Love is about caring and sacrifice. It was a year or more before Julietta began allowing herself to see and express grays. She was Navajo and Spanish and I was Anglo, which made it difficult for her to accept anything I thought or did as acceptable since she was raised by Anglos after being kidnapped from her own family. Art was the way we found the grays and colors, instead of just black and white. She is still suspicious of my motives and I must admit they are not pure black and white.

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