copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————-

People, mainly younger people, try to find something “out of the ordinary,” in their behavior, clothes or body decoration. Sabrina painted the buildings and landscape with unusual colors, but she wanted to be “out of the ordinary” herself. I told her that Christianity offered the ultimate in creative personal discovery and expression, but when she went to the Church she just found rules and rituals that hadn’t changed for two thousand years. Once CHRIST left “physically” from the earth, all his followers froze what they had last heard, but God is about continuous growth and change, just as the earth changes over time. Sabrina, through a personal relationship with God within herself, began to experience creative growth within all the aspects of her life, spiritual to emotional to intellectual to social to physical and sexual. New thoughts, feelings and actions stimulated her. She was reborn. She found peace beyond understanding and excitement, joy and enrichment. She discovered a new creation within herself. Her mind, heart and body became vibrant. She was willing to think and feel differently, she even touched herself sexually and found new tinglings throughout her body. She tried to share her discoveries with her friends, but was rejected. As the Bible says, “Christians are in the world, but not of the world.” She found the “out of the ordinary,” which was an intimate relationship with her Creator, but was then alone in the world, but God was her close friend now, who knew her better than herself and would begin supplying her needs before she knew them.

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